One-Third of Americans Use Phone Apps Before Leaving Bed – Nicholas Jackson – Technology – The Atlantic

Checking Facebook is the most common activity, with 18 percent of social networking users logging in to their personal accounts “while their heads are still on the pillow,” according to the 18-month survey (PDF). “Apps for news, weather and even Craigslist are all becoming a part of the morning routine for U.S. smartphone users,” the survey found. “After getting out of bed, among those who use such services, 23 percent access the Internet via their browsers, and 24 percent check their mail.”

The Ericsson survey includes a portion of the response from Sean, a 16-year-old male who is clearly meant to represent the typical American teenager: Continue reading

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Insights on 2010 Mobile Year!

GLOBAL – Accessing media on mobile phones has increased significantly, with more and more people using their phones in other ways than just making a phone call, according to The 2010 Mobile Year in Review report presented by comScore. Some of the insights to that report.

Social networking was the biggest draw for people with a 56 per cent increase over the same time last year with almost 58 million mobile subscribers checking their friends status updates, shortly followed by classifieds growing by 55 per cent with 17 million users and online retail seeing a 53 per cent rise from the previous year. Continue reading

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Social Media Learning: Opportunity or Concern

In a recent pulse survey conducted by CARA, states

  • 81% of respondents feel social media offer valuable learning opportunities for employees
  • 98% of respondents agree that social media are changing how employees are learning and accessing information.

Lot is said about Social Media or Informal Learning offering valuable learning opportunities for workforce, BUT lower productivity, security and quality of source is still a significant concern. Continue reading

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DRONA VCast for your BlackBerry Boys!!

BlackBerry Solution for Leaders!

BlackBerry Solution for Leaders!

Drona V-Cast for Leadership Development programs
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Are you sure your business can ignore the mobile revolution?

Day in day out you read and hear stories about businesses adding a mobile wing.

Mobile revolution

Little confused about what is this hype all about? Mobile Revolution ??

Lots of talk about different options to get involved with mobile but

“What is suitable for my business?”

In this article we will see different variations possible (Also considering Indian MSME market ) to get into mobile world. We shall see the difference between them. And some examples. Lets us make this simple.

Why you should market your business on the mobile web?

  • Mobile penetrationis growing exponentially. If we thought WWW (World wide web) was big; then consider this, there are 4 billion mobile phones in the world i.e. about 4 times the number of PCs.
  • Continue reading

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Instructional designers @ SNDT learn about mobile learning

SNDT college department of education and technology had recently organized an M-Learning session for their instructional designing students in association with Deltecs InfoTech. It turned out to be quite a success with the students asking for more even after the session was over and the faculty agreeing for more such meet-ups, and the team at Deltecs was more than happy to oblige and was visibly pleased at seeing the enthusiastic students at SNDT. >

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Jinen Dedhia named a finalist for Young Entrepreneur Award 2010 by British Council.

Press Release: 19th August 2010, Deltecs InfoTech

Jinen Dedhia, Director – Product at Deltecs InfoTech, was named a finalist for Young Entrepreneur Award 2010 for Interactive category by British Council.

Jinen Dedhia- Finalist- YCE- British Council 2010Young Creative Entrepreneur Award by British Council aims to reward creative entrepreneur based in India for their contribution to their respective sectors. The YCE award programme goes beyond simply recognising the achievements of these entrepreneurs by providing them a platform to begin a dialogue with their UK counterparts.

Continue reading

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