Drona – India’s first and only Mobile Authoring tool

Deltecs InfoTech Pvt Ltd (earlier Delta Technologies), pioneer in delivering mobile learning (M-Learning) and mobile training (M-Training) solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of “Drona” – the first and only Integrated Mobile Authoring tool in India. Drona is not merely a Mobile Authoring tool to author mobile learning applications but it’s compete 360 degree feedback learning and training solution.

“Drona” enables an organization to author mobile learning applications (mobile assessments) within their infrastructure and distribute them using web based tools like WAP push or downloadable links or standard Blue-casting tools. “The main objective of Drona –Mobile authoring is to empower trainers and educators to create and distribute tests without any technical know-how of creating mobile apps and yet deliver high quality mobile learning applications” said Akash Shah, Director – Mobility, Deltecs InfoTech Pvt Ltd.

“With the need of mobile learning being understood by Corporates and learning institutes, Drona is designed to help them roll their Mobile learning plans faster” said Shah. Drona is positioned as one stop test instrument for instructional designers and trainers to develop effective tests and measure performance with different dimensions. Drona authored Mobile learning applications are designed keeping in mind the user fraternity, be it students or senior executives of corporates. Students or employees can take tests on their mobile phones, check their scores, review their performance and analyze their performance. After finishing the tests, scores are sent back to server for further analysis.

“The offering doesn’t stop at delivering the content and tests to the users but also extends to collating the scores and results on the server side on which we run our proprietary BI tools and dish out different cubic views for different stake holders in the entire education management ecosystem viz. management views, branch head views, professor views, and student/parent views. The same tests can also be taken on desktop based clients the results of which are again fed to the same server-side backend.” said Divyesh Kharade, Director – Product & Innovation, Deltecs InfoTech Pvt Ltd.

Drona is designed to meet the learning and training challenges faced by educators or trainers of corporates, training institutes or universities. It gives them an advantage of pushing tests and collating results in effectively no time with minimum infrastructure requirements.

“Drona in its current version delivers applications for all Java enabled & Blackberry handsets”, said Shah. Deltecs also promises to launch version of Drona to extend its offerings to Windows, Android & Iphone platforms.

Demo Download link: http://tiny.cc/sqiIg


About Divyesh Kharade

Co-Founder & Director of Deltecs Infotech - Pioneering company in the field of mobile based learning and training. Recently Launched Drona- mobile author which lets you create, distribute and analyze your own tests and test results respectively.
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3 Responses to Drona – India’s first and only Mobile Authoring tool

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, ubiquity is the need. If Drona can be ubiquitious and still maintain featureset then perhaps it will be an interesting tool.

  2. Jinen says:

    I love this concept of Mobile Author tool which can assist to connect to the last mile trainee/student and from there on get the required information for analysis.

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