Blackberry Based Training for Corporates

Deltecs InfoTech Pvt Ltd (earlier Delta Technologies), a leading enterprise providing M-learning (learning on Mobile phones) solutions have started offering Mobile based training to corporates and training Institutes. Earlier this month, Deltecs Infotech had launched a unique product, “Drona Authoring” An integrated mobile and desktop authoring tool for delivering mobile learning and desktop learning applications and now they have come up with a complete mobile training and Blackberry based training solution for corporate training segment.

Most of the corporates having large-distributed workforce give Blackberry phones or High end mobile phones to their senior and mid level executive employees so that they can access mails and other important information anytime-anywhere. Deltecs’ M-Training and B-Training tools are an attempt to transform Mobile/Blackberry phones into classrooms on the move, offering information on demand via text, info-graphics, video, audio, tests etc. In simple terms, M-Training and B-Training is the art of using mobile technologies to enhance the learning experience and make learning on Mobile/Blackberry phones a reality. This concept of training marks a turning point in the online training industry, which was so far limited to either Web-based or virtual classrooms.

“In the current scenario where time is critical and training needs are a constant, Mobile/Blackberry based corporate training (M-Training and B-Training as we call it at Deltecs) is an apt tool for time-pressed high/mid profile corporate executives to complete their training needs. Most of the senior management employees struggle to find time for desktop based or classroom training as they are committed to their busy scheduled work. Moreover, with an acute shortage of trained individuals, growing training needs, and strict timelines, M-Training (Mobile Training) or B-Training (Blackberry Training) is well suited to be part of a blended learning model.” says Jinen Dedhia, Director – Execution, Deltecs Infotech Pvt Ltd.

Deltecs InfoTech provide Mobile Authoring tool as a part of their solution to corporates for authoring their own Mobile Training and Blackberry Training applications within their infrastructure. All kinds of training material like assessments, corporate presentations (PPTs), Audios and videos which are integral part of most corporate training programs are converted to Mobile training applications using Deltecs’ Mobile Authoring tool. A single authoring tool enables authoring for gamut of mobile phones which includes all JAVA enabled phones, Blackberry OS phones and Windows Mobile OS.

“Large numbers of companies are realizing that if their reps are on roads then their training and communication needs to be mobile too. Most organizations are hence turning to blended learning with mobile training as a key component.” says Divyesh Kharade, Director – Product & Innovation.” Mobile training is well suited for organizations having large-distributed workforce. It becomes necessary for them to use Mobile based training in their sales training and product training programs” he added. Organizations are becoming more geographically distributed while their sales/product teams are becoming increasingly tech savvy, therefore many companies are taking advantage of Mobile technology and distributing information consistently to ensure attention and retention.

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About Divyesh Kharade

Co-Founder & Director of Deltecs Infotech - Pioneering company in the field of mobile based learning and training. Recently Launched Drona- mobile author which lets you create, distribute and analyze your own tests and test results respectively.
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