Challenges faced during development of portable mobile applications.

The handheld markets have grown widely in numbers. However, there hasn’t been significant progress towards conformance of standards of handsets hardware or software specifications. This made development of portable mobile applications a challenge and thus raised questions on ubiquity of applications. By the day, there are new emerging technologies announced in the eventful mobile phone sector.

The major challenges of portable mobile applications are highlighted here.

  • Variety of Operating systems on handheld devices
  • Variety of framework availability on handheld devices
  • For Java ME framework, different OEMS have different implementations of the framework.

Over and above, there are device specific variations like:

  1. Screensize
  2. Keycodes

Drona is an attempt towards ubiquitous solution by making a layer of abstraction for some of the widely used underlying hardware and software on the phones.

Drona is a desktop application, serves as a user interface to create mobile based assessment applications which are ubiquitous in nature and allows promoting “concept testing” in the educational and corporate training sectors.

Drona is a layer on top of multiple technologies, frameworks and devices to create a demarcation between functional users and device level specifications. This enables the end user to simply create tests irrespective of underlying differences.

In its current version, Drona supports ubiquitously gamut of Java enabled handsets, Blackberry and winCE based pocket pc’s and smart phones.

Drona created mobile applications maintain similar UI, features and navigation across all handsets irrespective of their fundamental differences.  It is aimed to work with phones carried by the student fraternity to high end phones carried by corporate, thus covering a big spectrum of mobile phones.

Our innovation has worked and stressed the importance of ubiquitous solution. Our strategy “Applications to serve every phone” would ensure more ubiquitous solutions in the area of mobile learning from Deltecs Infotech.

Take the demo version from

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