Mobile Training for Corporate Executives

Training on Blackberry

Deltecs’ Mobile learning on Blackberry solution is designed to cater to the increasing “On-the-move” & “On-the-hand” training needs of the corporates and learning institutes.
As Organizations are becoming more geographically distributed while their employess or teams are becoming increasingly tech savvy, Deltecs’ Blackberry learning & training suits best to their needs.

All kinds of training like,
-Corporate Tests/assessments with scores and feedback
-Audio/Video Training
-Sales & Product Training,
-On-the-move information
can be given to the corporate blackberry users in their hands in the form of M-learning applications.

Mobile learning on Blackberry is an attempt to transform Blackberry phones into classrooms on the move, offering information on demand via text, info-graphics, video, audio, tests etc. In simple terms, Mobile learning on Blackberry is the art of using mobile technologies to enhance the learning experience. This concept of training marks a turning point in the online training industry, which was so far limited to either Web-based or virtual classrooms.

The most important feature which defines mobile learning on Blackberry is mobility that enables information on demand, which is the ability to access information wherever you are and whenever you want. Blackberry learning provides personal learning on the move. With increasing competition, businesses are seeking for ways to win the rat race by disseminating information accurately at a faster pace and hence saving time and cost have become top concerns.

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