A Mobile Authoring tool on improved learning and teaching

Our innovation, Drona, is a “concept testing” platform which includes mobile authoring tool for creating M-Learning or M-Assessments, a distribution tool and analysis. Its  an integrated feedback system to make learning continually adaptive for students or trainees as well as teachers or trainers.

 The most important aspect of concept testing strategy is in Steven Covey’s words, “Begin with the end in mind.” Establishing a clear set of learning objectives to govern both course development and testing development is vital.

 Drona is a software framework that can be used by a teacher, an instructor or a Guru to author mobile learning test/assessment applications which can be posted to his students on their mobiles. Once the students submit their tests, Drona has all the analyses about the test performance ready to handover. Our innovation offers to do BI on various dimensions like Subject, topic, trainer to measure performance.  This data will further enable them to fine tune teaching methods, concentrate on weaker sections, for teaching new topic which may have a dependency on a previous topic than an insight into understanding of previous topic will help define teaching strategy for new topic.

 Drona offers a simple user interface for the trainers to quickly author mobile learning or convert existing tests into mobile based tests. The mobile learning application created contains the content and does not rely on web/sms connectivity. These applications are ubiquitous to make it work across multiple handsets & technologies. This makes it cost effective for last mile users. Simplicity of the mobile authoring tool and the mobile learning (M-Learning) applications makes them easy to use.

 Drona in corporate training environment, helps the HR team to make better resource allocation decisions not only as per business needs, but also map it with interests of the resource.

 At Deltecs, we aspire to make the world a better place with our innovations. Drona is an effort towards that belief.

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