Creative mobile applications to help better serve customers.

It is clear that the mobile phone is playing an increasingly important role as a person’s means of interacting with this digital world.

Creativity in mobility space is beyond horizons. With new and new concepts to reach the target audience hitting the market daily.

Mobile applications are becoming more and more popular and even larger number of brands are coming out with their own mobile applications. Some examples:

IKEA Uses Mobile Augmented Reality To Enagge Shoppers’ Imagination

IKEA felt they had to do something special to help customers imagine how this furniture would fit into their houses, so they turned to a mobile augmented reality solution.

The Portable Interior Planner application gives customers the ability to see exactly how the new designs will look in their home, without the need to actually move any furniture!

Thus a portable interior planning tool was developed. Using this tool one can select the products they are interested in, take pictures of the room or place they want to put into and tool fits the products into images and shows how the room will look later. Thus mobile augmented reality apps helped customers in visualisation and take better and faster decisions.

Another example is a campaign that was run by Vodafone in the leadup to European Champions league 2008. In order to win a ticket to the championship, a consumer would take a virtual “penalty shot” by taking a picture of which part of the goal they wanted to kick the ball to. The system returned an image of the ball going to that spot, and the goal keeper either making a save or the ball going in the net.


 This campaign had great response from consumers – 40% participation at an event location and over 3% participation from a magazine ad. It was a unique way to create engagement and won the “Best Creativity” and “Most Innovative Use of Technology” at the 2008 UK Mobile Marketing Awards

Such many more options are adopted by industry all over to better serve their customers and beat competition.

Source: MobiAdNews

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