Making India Proud, Deltecs InfoTech at Handheld Learning 2009, UK

Drona, a mobile learning solution offered by Deltecs InfoTech, a proud winner of Business and Training Innovation award at the prestigious HandHeld Learning awards 2009 held at London. Deltecs InfoTech is the first Indian organisation to have achieved this award.  

“Our mission to provide innovative and practical solutions to meet learning and training challenges” – Deltecs InfoTech’s team 

How does Drona help in solving the challenges of learning and training industry? 

Assessing the learners progress forms a critical component of a learning system. However evaluating on a continual basis has been a hindrance due to various reasons like

  • Time consumed to conduct & evaluate tests
  • For computer-based tests, computer per trainee is not always feasible
  • Incase of paper based test, analysis is limited to human analysis

Drona aims at solving these problems. It is a complete 360 degree assessment solution which provides a platform for creation, distribution and analysis of tests. The tests created can be distributed to participants on their mobile handsets. On completion of test, results are posted back to Drona to provide analysis of score, time-taken, relative performance, etc.

Benefits of using Drona :

  • Enables trainers to conduct conceptual test at end of every session.
  • Provides trainers with more information on performance to make better decisions.
  • Same test can work on variety of handsets like Blackberry, Windows and Java enabled phones.
  • Provides a capability to create tests and collate results in time effective manner with minimum infrastructure.
  • Requires no technical know-how
  • Provides analysis for trainees, trainers and management
  • Create tests with support for multimedia like audio, video and images

With assessment made easy, the trainer has to focus mainly on delivering his training. To know more about Drona, please check

– Reshma Pinto

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