DRONA, the Innovation Award Winner at Handheld Learning 2009, UK

Small excerpt from Reshma Pinto’s description, who recieved the award on behalf of Deltecs InfoTech.

“I had a totally amazing time. It was my first experience at an awards ceremony. The program which was supposed to begin at 7pm started around at 8:30pm. So I was really dying out of curiosity.When the awards started finally I had kept my fingers crossed. The awards were announced in the order starting from Primary education to Special Achievment, just like the listing of the finalist results on HHL website. For each category, the person who was called to give away the award spoke a little about the significance of the award.
After around 8 categories, finally it was time for Innovation in Business and Training. The presenter gave a small speech about the growth of mobile learning in the Business & Training category. The finalists were announced with Drona being the last in the list. The presenter finally opened his envelope to announce the winner. I was so anxious to know the result that I was not so interested in his speech :). After opening the envelope, he said something about cultural diversity and that’s when I was sure its DRONA….and then I couldnt here further, was too excited to register anything :D. We were seated at the back, so I had to rush ahead to the stage, literally run few steps down to the podium :). I was preparing a speech all the while before the awards, but then I realised, at such a moment, spontaneity takes over. I cant remember what I said exactly, but it was a great moment and was really happy to represent Deltecs InfoTech. Thanks a lot for giving me this opportunity. Missed you all at the function.
Let’s keep up the good work. Great going guys. Have fun at work on Tuesday.
warm regards,
Reshma Pinto “
To know how DRONA can fit into your organisation and help you achieve an effective and efficient training and assessment tool, write to info@deltecs.com or visit www.deltecs.com
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