DRONA -Winner at Handheld Learning 2009, UK

Winner for Innovation in Business & Training at hhl09

Winner for Innovation in Business & Training at hhl09

DRONA,  Innovation Award winner at HHL09, UK.

Deltecs InfoTech receives an award on 5th Oct 2009, in London for Innovation in Business and Training Category.

DRONA – is a complete mobile learning tool. It provides an end-to-end platform for enabling mobile learning environment in any organisation.

Key essentials are 1.  mobile authoring tool which enables anyone to create their own mobile apps but simply inputting their content (Text, audio, images). No technical know-how is required. Manages all your previous mobile apps.

2. Distribute these mobile apps over click of button to your selected audience. May be a closed environment or distributed work force. These applications reside on users phones and get installed quickly just as users opens it. The users can take their lessons/tests on the phones without any GPRS connectivity or other dependencies. Also their are some features for users, they can take a replay, analyse, check explanations, send their score details back.

3. Analyse the performance of training at backend. A beautiful yet simple tool DRONA – Analysis gives detailed analysis about performance. It gives heirarchial views for all stakeholders in organisations. Many features like Graphical views, Date wise, Topic wise reports/views are available to track the performance, calculate ROI/metrics.

Special tools built for Blackberry based training using BES.

Also customized tools available for sales management & tracking.

Get more info and demo version of the tool at www.deltecs.com or write at info@deltecs.com


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