Developers v/s Masses perspective on Mobile Phone.

Recently I asked a mobile app developer “What are the 5 most enticing features that you look for in your mobile phone”
The answer was

latest mobile apps

  • 1)The home screen layout
  • 2)Multitasking option
  • 3)Notification bar
  • 4)Accessing newer apps
  • 5) OS

This answer resonates the voice of many such mobile app developers.
The answer amazed me, because here the question of Internet connectivity on Phone,bigger screen size, other features like Music, Camera etc were considered default items included in every phone.
Nobody really bothers to care much about basic features ?
So when these developers are developing new applications are they working with the presumption that the masses also perceive same as default items?
To figure out, I asked some users (some who are aware of upcoming technology, newer phones and not naive mobile users)

What are the 5 most enticing features you look for while buying

a mobile phone?

Some of the answers were

“Keypad, Camera Resolution, Weight,Screen Size,Battery Life”

“1. max screen size; 2. touch screen; 3.smooth key pad; 4. cam;  5.speed”

“good camera;nice sound quality;apps supported”

“internet,chat,music,video(all formats)”

Clearly developers are more exposed to latest mobile technology and upcoming features. And they need to be abreast with latest technology and drive the markets to use these features via their applications.
Question poping up in my mind, shouldnt the apps aim at satisfying major masses rather than moving far ahead with few early adopters?

Do let me know your views on this.

1) The home screen layout
2) Multitasking option
3) Notification bar
4) Accessing newer apps
5) OS
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One Response to Developers v/s Masses perspective on Mobile Phone.

  1. Prashant says:

    Guess Market Research should be the need of the hour.. Plus knowing your target audience is also important 🙂

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