Rules for M-Learning

With the advent of M-Learning, as many universities & organizations have started realizing the power of mobile as a medium for learning, a lot is written about m-learning and one can hear many stories of successful implementation.
Still the ones who are  about to try or  trying for first time have lots of queries and misconceptions about M-Learning.
mobile learning rules
#1: Forget what you THINK you know
#2: Believe what you see, not what you read
#3: Don’t start with CONSTRAINTS
#4: Focus on context, goals and needs
#5: You can’t support EVERYTHING!
#6: Don’t convert, CREATE!
#7: Keep it SIMPLE
#8: Rome was not built in a day
Hope these 8 RULES help you:
a. lose your misconceptions
b. adopt to latest “Mobile Learning” swiftly and successfully.
Happy Mobile Learning!!!

Now, If you are evaluating products and solutions for Mobile Learning, do checkout Drona- Mobile Learning System and Drona VCast – Push Learning solution by Deltecs InfoTech.
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