Social Media Learning: Opportunity or Concern

In a recent pulse survey conducted by CARA, states

  • 81% of respondents feel social media offer valuable learning opportunities for employees
  • 98% of respondents agree that social media are changing how employees are learning and accessing information.

Lot is said about Social Media or Informal Learning offering valuable learning opportunities for workforce, BUT lower productivity, security and quality of source is still a significant concern.

I guess the most simple solution to this concern is to provide the worforce with similar platform to socialize & interact. At the same, keeping it secure and offering better quality content for your workforce.

One of the Top 3 reason why workforce enjoys social media learning is- Learning is in bursts.

If someone asks you to read a book/even a article on say “Teamwork and Leadership”. By the thought of reading the book, general psychology is, “It will require quite some time.” and your immediate response shall be, “NOT Now! Maybe later, I have important tasks at work.”

But, when we receive tweets on one Tip at a time on “Teamwork & Leadership”, I am sure most of us go through even 20 such tweets during our work course. And also implement a few. If these tips are interesting enough we might remember and we go ahead and read full article/book. Or when most of our peers recommend or talk about it,( man being social animal, he wants to be accepted in the group) hence we go through the course.

Thus social media learning in a way helps us learning in bursts and even market to us some learning course of our interest, in fun-filled way.

Some simple solutions can be your own  organizational podcast channel, corporate Mobile Learning channel, Corporate social networks, which offer social media benefits with secure, quality content.

Do share your thoughts on which mode helps you learn in day to day life.

P.S. For more details on survey, click on survey link.

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