Insights on 2010 Mobile Year!

GLOBAL – Accessing media on mobile phones has increased significantly, with more and more people using their phones in other ways than just making a phone call, according to The 2010 Mobile Year in Review report presented by comScore. Some of the insights to that report.

Social networking was the biggest draw for people with a 56 per cent increase over the same time last year with almost 58 million mobile subscribers checking their friends status updates, shortly followed by classifieds growing by 55 per cent with 17 million users and online retail seeing a 53 per cent rise from the previous year.

Europeans are big on using their phones for mobile gaming with 25.3 per cent.

Mobile Activites Stats for US, EU, Japan

Mobile Activites Stats

Above statistics shows the usage of SMS, Connected Media and Email still being the top among users.

Another very interesting insight provided is about device and time of day analysis on reading habits of users. Stating relative readership among BlackBerry users increases in morning, while iPad users read more news at night and users prefered to read news online in afternoon.

“Freemium” Model Gains Ground for Games and Apps

With hundreds of thousands of apps available for mobile consumers to choose from, most publishers are moving toward a free app, ad-supported model or a “freemium” mix of ad-supported and paid content.The shift is evident in the general app ecosystem and in particular in the mobile games environment.

Concluding that 2011 set to be transformative year for Mobile.

*Images are from Comscore Reports.

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