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Insights on 2010 Mobile Year!

“Freemium” Model Gains Ground for Games and Apps

With hundreds of thousands of apps available for mobile consumers to choose from, most publishers are moving toward a free app, ad-supported model or a “freemium” mix of ad-supported and paid content.The shift is evident in the general app ecosystem and in particular in the mobile games environment. Continue reading

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Developers v/s Masses perspective on Mobile Phone.

Recently I asked a mobile app developer “What are the 5 most enticing features that you look for in your mobile phone” The answer was 1)The home screen layout 2)Multitasking option 3)Notification bar 4)Accessing newer apps 5) OS This answer … Continue reading

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Creative mobile applications to help better serve customers.

It is clear that the mobile phone is playing an increasingly important role as a person’s means of interacting with this digital world. Creativity in mobility space is beyond horizons. With new and new concepts to reach the target audience … Continue reading

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